Art & Culture

issue #3 - Transient Dispatch determines he is being hunted for a galactic zoo, but is soon released for mental defect because of his conversations with Transmission Station.

Time Stream

issue #4 - Transient Dispatch argues with Transmission Station who wants him to venture into a timeless portal to ascertain an issue with the continuum. Entering the portal, Transient Dispatch perceives himself in a multitude of beings.

issue #2 - An accidental journey to another planet soon has Transient Dispatch hunted and Transmission Station trying to understand why.

issue #1 - Transient Dispatch goes to a planet to kill an ancestor of an evil descendent only to be met my a mysterious persona of himself determined to stop him. 

issue #6 - An odd journey sends Transient Dispatch to a Comic Book Convention where he sees his own issues on a shelf with Transmission Station protesting the danger.

These are preview graphics

issue #5 - Transient Dispatch witnessed all his individual selves sucked into an infinitesimal spot and then ejected witnessing the birth if space and time. Later returning to Transmission Station, he muses how he now knows something more than the Station.

graphics formerly done with Poser and Comic software working to be re-done.