Art & Culture

issue #3 - While the government concludes all inmates and the monster was destroyed, several inmates sneak into a nearby city to re-circulate into society. The monster manages to piece itself back together only to be confronted by a powerful XQ at the issue's end.

Pink Slime

graphics formerly done with Poser and Comic software working to be re-done.

issue #1 - an experimental food additive is added to the food at Eckhart Prison. The addition causes a blob monster intent on killing everyone at the prison. With the administration failing to subdue the monster, inmates take it upon themselves to kill the beast.

issue #2 - The inmates continue fighting the unrelenting beast. They soon discover the government has lost hope for the prison and decided to bomb it out of existence. Hoping to keep the beast at the explosion, one inmate, XQ, stays in the prison fighting the monster as the others escape. The explosion leaves everything uncertain even with another inmate believing he saw XQ over a ridge.