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I was around 10. The book would have been released in 1968, so it was delayed getting to central Mississippi and into my hands.

The origin books were incredible like the Holy Grail. Stan Lee's intro's gave great background information on the titles and Marvel

Things were growing fast when the Avengers became familiar to me. The first Avengers I remember reading was 136, which I only just re-found in July 2017. I knew the story of Beast fighting Ironman but did not remember it being an Avengers book. After it was a Kang and Squadron Supreme storyline.

So many great titles came and went and some were exceptional and forgotten

These are the earliest Fantastic Fours I remember reading. These were released in 1975 when I was 11

When I much later read his origin and first stories, he actually looked odd with the Iron grey and even yellow so different from when I had first seen him

After Brantley store, I would later purchase titles at a Drug store in Terry, Mississippi which is where most of the average of 50 a month was purchased

The end of it, features some mutants and another earlier view of the X-men which I was still unfamiliar

Ironman was a great one. The Early ones I read already had him as the red and yellow Avenger

Earliest Captain America I remember was a Moonstone bad-guy story. He was deceitfully political making Captain America look bad.

Some titles were considered too "hot" for regular stores and were sold at an Adultish-bookstore located in down-town Jackson. The b/w Punisher, Doc Savage, and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu were regular purchases for this location.

I was born into a violent home at a rural route address which was later designated as a Drive.

I did most kid things, but absorbed myself into some activities like comic books to escape the violence of my home.

I was too young to appreciate the competitive motion of writers and artists between the 2 comic book giants, Marvel and DC

This was the early Thor I remember. It had the Absorbing Man and a great plot.

The Asgardian landscape of Thor was new to me but I enjoyed the Norse stories relating to the modern world

These are early Hulks I remember. 189 was poignant of the Hulk especially the end when Hulk recognized he was a monster in spite of the girl's love.

I did not realize for a long time, but the first X-men I actually read was the transition to the new league of X-men. It was incredible

I read a b/w Zombie mag in Brantley store along with a title Jack Kirby did at DC along with other titles.

The plot was wild and great and beyond my juvenile mind to begin understanding. It was still incredible

I was a young teen still going to Terry to get comic books.

I designed my characters around the comic books I read.

I was purchasing around 50 titles a month and had considered that average amount as the essential reads. Each one was so great

Although most do not like the Daredevil movie, this has been irrelevant to me. I just wanted to see more Marvel heroes in the movies.

The earliest Spider-Man I remember reading was #64.  I read it sitting on the floor in front of the comic book stand of Brantley's Store. 

172 had the Juggernaut and one of my earliest remembrances of the X-men. I didn't understand the connections of mutants

Saturday morning cartoons were big at this time. A long forgotten one helped my inspiration

The owner of the store allowed me to read without buying. She also owned the mortgage on my parents' house and kept paying it even after abusive circumstances prevented the scheduled payments