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issue #2 - Sitting at a table in his house, Henry reads an old newspaper article about the unidentified man doing the Impossible at the hospital one night years ago.  It was the article and incidents around it which turned Henry into the hero called the Impossible.

issue #1 - Henry Rudman hoped to take a simple plane trip; but he met the Masked Murder on the flight and was forced to fight him as the Impossible. To secure the plane, Henry forces the Murderer and himself out of the plane from which they free fall while fighting in the sky. After surviving the fall, Henry later meets with friends who are talking about the heroics but not completely factual.

graphics formerly done with Poser and Comic software working to be re-done.

issue #3 - A police investigation at a destroyed lab leads to a story about an Asian man named Tanav Yuen. The lab explosion turned into Type and with new powers he sought revenge on those who had mocked him.

issue #4 - The Impossible battles Type to a stand still. Later Tanav/Type explains his hard life made him the villain, to which Henry/Impossible challenges him that everything is a choice in spite of the hardships.

the Impossible

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