This is a teasing note at the beginning. Primitive man did make sequential drawings on cave walls foreseeing the eventual demand for comic books.

Golden Age comics are valued for their rarity caused by momma's giving their son's comic book collection to paper drives while the sons were off fighting in the war.

I still consider the Warriors of the Shadow Realm an impressive but unnoticed accomplishment. It was the first time I saw air-brush in comics books.

I thought the Stan Lee bio was wonderful and beautifully done in a comic book format.

To defray costs, Munzey used a cheaper paper made from pulp wood to print his funnies; and caused the term pulp comics which would later become pulp fiction.

Art & Culture

Few things grab me like a Marvel movie. I have even cheered out-loud at several of them.

I actually had a very early copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which I sold because I thought they were past their popularity. (this was before they had even been on television). I was a little off.

The Bronze Age of comics is the age I grew up in; and I am honest about my preference. Marvel could not print too many comic books for me.

I have a personal affinity for the silver Age of comics because Marvel really broke out in it. The release of the Fantastic Four was quickly followed by their other Marvelous titles