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issue #3 - A past retelling of Black Viper's origin. Jeremy becomes part of a Martial Arts Black Viper school. Because he is black and not Asian like the rest of the class, he faces combatants in and out of class. The story climaxes with the school attacked and everyone killed except Jeremy who was away. Defiantly he takes the name of the school as his own.

Black Viper

issue #1 - Black Viper, Jeremy Gileson, stops an attack by some weird beings called the Hordes of Dr. Ying. After which he learns from an agent about the strange beings who began from the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Fighting more of them, he learns about another person named Selenda Calhoun who is also called the Creature. Together they stop the Hordes of Dr. Ying but the Creature departs when the agents who recruited Jeremy return.

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issue #2 - Trying to relax in the park, Jeremy gets involved opposing a guy called the Staffsman. Because the Staffsman will not relent, the two begin a fight, which ends when Jeremy fights back outraged and the Staffsman flees.

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issue #5 - Jeremy being nursed back to health after his beating by Snake Pit. Later meets Smithers and even later, re-finds Snake Pit and defeats them as they run away.

issue #4 - Jeremy meets a snake-like villain group of four called Snake Pit. A long fight ends with Jeremy defeated and left beaten by the four.