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issue #3 - Gilia is almost kidnapped by one of her own, but he is killed. From it, Ranwa learns of another of Gilia's people, named Orester, terrorizing a village and seeks him out in spite of Gilia's warnings. When they find him, Ranwa is carried away in the fight.

Age of Gargoyles

issue #2 - Ranwa and Gilia encounter each of their people none of which think like they do. Gilia greets some of her people but late sneaks out at night to find Ranwa.

completed February 26, 2016

issue #1 - Surveying the slaughter after the Battle of Luschen, Ranwa encounters one of the beasts they had been fighting still alive named Gilia. Seemingly the last two left alive, they realize they are not what the other thought and resolve as friends to change the perception which lead to the war.

graphics formerly done with Poser and Comic software working to be re-done.

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